Welcome to voipfraud.org.

We have created an automatic and manual system to minimize financial loses due to unauthorized calls via asterisk pbx voip systems.

If you ever experience financial loses due to unauthorized calls via your asterisk server, this free solution is for you.

The system has been implemented on our servers and within first week on line we have detected and stop over 2000 IP addresses attempting to gain access to our voip servers.

The idea is very simple. Every participating asterisk server submits a report of hack attempts to our data base where we store IP address, number of attempts and up to 10 lines of logs.
The automatic system sends the email complain to abuse email address of the reported IP upstream provider.
At this time if IP already exists we simply add number of attempts and extend ban time by 1 week per attempt.
Compiled list is available for download and implementation on your own server via our bash script.
Please see install for instructions.
The download script is design to save bandwidth and the iptables command uses minimal amount of resources

If you have any question fill free to contact us at support at our domain name.

voipfraud.org team

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